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I love Natalie Dee’s comic today. I post it here, in honor of Lulu’s non-stop lickfest of my arm right now.



I’ve gotten some requests lately for more pics of the pups (which one of my German readers was kind enough to inform me means “fart” in German), so I figured I would give you some photos from our afternoon out. We used to live just blocks away from the best park, but now that we’ve moved downtown, we don’t get much green space. Here is the view from our window:

It’s pretty and all, but there is almost no place for the pups to run.

So because I had the afternoon off today, I decided we needed to enjoy the fall weather and head back to our old stomping grounds. It’s pretty easy to talk John into leaving work early when you tell him spiced cider and pumpkin carving will be involved. Then I tricked him and dragged him to the park. Maggie couldn’t wait to drag some sticks around.

For her, size really does matter. She’d play fetch with a tree trunk if she could.

And Lulu usually just bumbles around like a tank (we like to refer to her as an “all-terrain burrito”) and eats grass.

So there you have it– more pictures of our precious “farts.” Enjoy!

I skipped my loathsome contracts class this afternoon. We were just going over the answers to the midterm, but we weren’t getting the midterm back. I’d rather not torture myself knowing what I should have written but didn’t. So, instead I came home and played with the pups. Yes, that’s a bad attitude to have, but you try saying no to these little hams.

Besides, when Maggie looks this pathetic, you know it’s fun time.

This is her favorite toy- she has such hatred for this thing.

This is what the toy used to look like when it was new:

Look at those claws!

And then there’s Lulu… always a little slower and calmer. She always wants to play with that stinky octopus, but I don’t really want to touch it anymore…

Therefore, we shall move on to the mini tennis ball!

Her little pug jaw is just big enough to carry it around.

My first midterm that really counts for anything is today at 2pm. So, if you are so inclined, cross your fingers for me! I tried to study last night but was distracted by cuteness:

And then when I got up to get a drink, I noticed Lulu stole my spot and was trying to tell me something. “Just go to bed.” So I did… Lulu must be obeyed.