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I love Natalie Dee’s comic today. I post it here, in honor of Lulu’s non-stop lickfest of my arm right now.



Tragedy struck today at approximately 11:45am in the student lounge of the law building. I received my bi-weekly email a few days ago about current law school happenings and it contained a delicious announcement: The Association for Women in Law was holding a bake sale to raise breast cancer awareness. And it was today!! I didn’t even bring a lunch- just a pocket stuffed full of $1 bills to buy all sorts of baked goodies.

I eagerly ran down to the lounge after class, hoping the yummiest treats might still be available… all to find the place empty. Devoid of frosting and chocolate chips and sprinkles. I will admit that I almost cried. Turns out it’s not today, it’s NEXT Thursday. I will just have to let Natalie Dee speak for me, as usual.

This is a phenomenon I don’t really understand. I have not told many people I know “in real life” that I blog. It’s almost comforting to know I can write whatever I want on here and not worry about certain ramifications. Granted, I would never write anything on here that I wouldn’t show my family or friends, but it’s nice to have less of an audience when my foot goes in my mouth. That said, when I did tell people I decided to start a blog, some of them almost immediately criticized my decision.

That fact alone does not hurt my feelings or anything. But I guess I just can’t quite put my finger on why some people are so anti-blog. If you don’t like them, don’t read them. Of course, 99% of what you read in blogs is mere speculation. It’s like a personal editorial on life. Most people just blog to have an outlet for thoughts and feelings–just like writing a diary or journaling. Some blogs have more specific purposes, like following celebrity gossip or chronicling a travel adventure. Others are a creative outlet or stress reliever. Either way, I don’t see what the big deal is. Yes, they’re self-serving. But I honestly don’t think that most bloggers really think anyone cares what they have to say. It’s nice to have comments and feedback, but I don’t expect it. That said, I did catch myself wondering aloud tonight how I can get more people to read my blog. Maybe I do care more than I thought?

And once again, thanks to Natalie Dee.