This is Maggie. Also know has Doodle. Or Magnadoodle, Doodlemeister, Maggie Magdalene, Magpie, etc.

This is Lulu, also known as pig-dog hybrid, prize-winning pig, Moluster, fattie mc butterpants. She is my one true love.

Since this blog involves them pretty frequently, here are some useless facts about them too!


(We’ll just do 25 each- they’re not that interesting.)

25. She was born on January 17th, 2003.

24. We bought her at a puppy store.

23. She was the first and only puppy we looked at.

22. She weighed 4lbs.

21. Her official AKC name is Lulu Dumpson Gruntsworth.

20. Her favorite place is the beach- she goes crazy on sand.

19. She now weighs about 22lbs.

18. She’s so fat, she has trouble licking her back toes.

17. When she was spayed, the vet said she had a very large tumor on her uterus.

16. She HATES snow.

15. She still struggles with her potty training.

14. Our apartment did not allow dogs when we got her.

13. We didn’t warn our roommates we were getting her.

12. She really does follow me around the house like a puppy dog.

11. She knows how to sit and shake.

10. She barks WAY too much, especially at the tv.

9. She will not eat dog treats if they are green.

8. She snores. Loud.

7. She can swim.

6. She likes getting bathed.

5. She does not have a mean bone in her body.

4. John originally wanted to name her Mr. Pibb.

3. She is very gentle with her toys.

2. Her teeth are very crooked.

1. She pretty much loves everyone.

And on to MAGGIE:

25. Maggie’s birthday is November 27th, 2003.

24. We bought her from a breeder in Grafton, WI.

23. She was one of five puppies.

22. The one we really wanted was already sold.

21. The breeder’s kids had named her “Cho,” after the character in Harry Potter.

20. We had no idea what to name her for over a month.

19. I didn’t really like her at first, and she was terrified of Lulu.

18. She was also about 4lbs when we bought her.

17. Her ears curled backwards when she was a puppy. I guess this is common for Bostons.

16. She doesn’t really look like a Boston is supposed to look.

15. Her full AKC name is Maggie Mae MacDougalsworth.

14. She has lots of skin problems.

13. She is very mean toward other dogs.

12. She loves to give kisses.

11. She can destroy any toy, even the “indestructible” ones.

10. She loves to eat Kleenex.

9. When she gets scared, she pees on the floor.

8. She buries herself whenever possible.

7. She’s not really fond of sitting on laps.

6. She shivers if the temperature drops below 45 degrees.

5. If she needs to go outside, she will sit and stare at you.

4. She loves jumping for sticks.

3. She eats a lot of grass but never gets sick.

2. She rarely barks.

1. She’s not a virgin. Eeep!