People just named Matt Damon as the annual “Sexiest Man Alive.” I’m not so sure I see it. I like his character in the Bourne movies… he’s nice looking and all. Buff, intelligent, etc. I get that he’s sexy. But sexiest? I can think of plenty of male celebrities that seem more fitting of the honor…


Sorry Matt. You don’t make my list. 😦 C’est la vie!

Also, People seems to have chosen some pretty awful pictures for the rest of the honorable mentions. These are men who are famous in large part because of their looks, but you would never know it from these terrible photos.  I give you Brad Pitt:


He sort of looks constipated, no? And this is one of the most ridiculous pics of Ryan Reynolds I’ve ever seen:


What’s with the thumb chomping and angst-ridden look? Patrick Dempsey doesn’t fare any better:


Did he just hit his head?  He looks confused too. It’s got to be a head injury.  And JT, a normally attractive man, just looks… well…


…all bug-eyed. And his shit-eatin’ grin isn’t helping much.

Someone in the photography department needs to be fired. Or whoever chose these pictures to be representative of sexy. Because I’m just not seeing it.