I realized that I have a funny habit that I thought I might share for other hypochondriacs out there. And by “funny,” I mean insane, illogical, and useless. I get occasional headaches just like everybody else, but sometimes if I get a weird tingle or shooting pain, I think I might be having a stroke. Same goes for a light-headed feeling or a general feeling of disassociation. Those might be due to lack of oxygen to the brain, caused by a clot. Right? So, I’ve read that if you are having a stroke, it is common for muscles on one side of your body, particularly your face, to go numb/limp/etc. Whenever I’m afraid something bad might be happening, I smile. This way I know both sides of my facial muscles are working and I can’t possibly be having a stroke.


I can’t believe I just admitted that. I guess if you see me staring blankly off into space and I have a weird grin on my face, you will know why.