I am so clueless when it comes to fashion. I mean, I know what looks good generally. I do not wear my hair in a mullet, nor do I have overly feathered or permed hair. I don’t wear tapered jeans, short shorts, tube tops, or anything made from mesh. My clothes generally fit properly and are simple and neutral. However, I fall into the same boring rut over and over again.

I probably shouldn’t care too much because I’m just a student with no one to impress. I could wear sweatpants and slippers to school every day and it wouldn’t really matter. But I know that’s a slippery slope and I am already dangerously close to the edge. So I do make an effort. However, my clothes are so very blah. I love sweaters from the men’s department because the sleeves are always long enough. If I could, I would wear t-shirts every day. I hate getting gussied up and I almost never wear jewelry other than my wedding rings. I usually just wear tennis shoes and an extra large sweater. Hair=ponytail.

I lack a true fashion sense. I can’t accessorize and I can’t bring myself to spend load of money on clothes or shoes. I have actually owned some of my favorite items since high school. This blows John’s mind and he tells me to just throw them away. But why? If a pair of shoes or a sweater is in perfectly good condition and looks just fine, why throw it out? Just because it’s 8 years old? I’m actually seeing that some of my more “vintage” pieces are turning up again in modern collections. Take my earmuffs:

Available at J. Crew for only $40. And remember my golf pants?

Look familiar?? And only $168.

And now I hear you’re not supposed to wear nylons. This fashion rule doesn’t really apply to me since I never wear skirts. But if I did, I’d be wearing nylons. I guess opaque tights are okay. And flesh-colored nylons are good for “mature” women. But my legs GLOW. I am pale and veiny and just… pasty. Why wouldn’t I wear nylons??? And don’t get me started on leggings. They just scare me.

I guess I don’t care if I’m never on the cutting edge of fashion–that’s too expensive and trendy to keep up with anyway. And certain trends just baffle me. Wedge shoes are like a guarantee that I will trip and break something. Headbands are an automatic headache. Wide belts around the waist are intimidating, “skinny” jeans make me look anything but, and bright colors/bold prints are too much for me.

But I do wish had a bit more style and polish. Even my old standbys seems to be going over the top though. Here is the latest fashion from J. Crew:

Why don’t I just pair it with this kicky little sweater and call it a day? The total cost of the outfit would only be $800.

Maybe being bass ackwards this fashion season isn’t such a bad thing after all.